Here are some examples of how our members have helped artists:

Our member led a complete redesign for an artist’s website, including major language edits, to create an easy-to-navigate, sleek artist website featuring sharp proofread and edited content, streamlined artist CV and bio, artist statement and statements for specific bodies of work. 

An artist was preparing for a solo exhibition of works that were very different from his prior body of work and needed help with a press release about the show and the new direction of his work.

A photographer has a fine art practice as well as a commercial practice. Our member helped him determine how to present both practices on his website and social media. They also worked together to craft two artist statements.

An artist had a goal to apply for as many open calls as possible within a budget of $400 of application fees. Our member worked with the artist to create a strategic list of opportunities and a system to track deadlines.

A sculptor wanted help with strategic marketing and positioning to reorient awareness around his work, highlighting a burgeoning community-based initiative and gaining the attention of international museum curators, galleries and art critics. Our member guided her with a marketing plan and relevant contacts.

Our member strategically repositioned a two-time Whitney Biennial artist (1970s-80s) toward a contemporary art market through organizing and archiving his works and gaining renewed attention from gallerists and dealers.

An artist felt completely overwhelmed by social media (and the pressure to post) and asked for advice on what to post. Our member helped determine what the artist’s social media “brand” was, helped create a four week pipeline of Instagram posts and set up a system to automate posting.